Heating nozzle made of rod with a 7.2×2.7 profile


The design of this nozzle ensures resistance to mechanical influences and impacts including wearing of the insulation due to the effects of humidity, accidental immersion, etc.




Minimum diameter of the nozzle heater: 20 mm

Wattage tolerance:  +5%/-10% (measured at working temperature).

Operating voltage: Maximum 400 V

Maximum recommended watt density of the rod: 5- 10 W/cm2 (stated according to the working temperature and the material of the heated part).

Optional radial, tangential or axial electric termination.

Maximum recommended temperature of the sheath: 700 °C

09-nozzle heater

Application hints

Before assembling the heating strip, the cylindrical surface must be smooth without protrusions, completely free of grease, oxidized metal parts, and other impurities.

When assembling, the heating strip must encircle the cylindrical surface with sufficient force. Tighten slightly after about 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 8 hours of operation.