Industrial heaters

For industrial applications, we offer custom production of heating elements according to the specification of the client.
We produce elements for heating of liquids, gases, and other substances with outputs from several W up to MW.

We also offer series of ready solutions:
– Mobile hot air generator
– Electric hot-air aggregates (direct heaters)
– Infra radiator
– Industrial stove (cabin heating)


ET-AER-785/786 – High-performance mobile hot air generator. This can be used with free ends or can be connected on both sides to the space by flexible piping that recirculates the hot air. Any closed space can be simply changed, for example, to a drying room or a furnace. 

The device has a control panel for adjusting the required temperature. It is supplied with probe PT 100 with a 2 m cable (that can be extended up to 25 m). In addition, it has built-in protection against overheating.  The generator is delivered in RAL-9006 as standard. The ET-AER-785 model with a 12 kW output can be used up to 150°C. The ET-AER-786 model with a 22.5 kW output can be used up to 250°C.

ET-CEM – The heating unit is designed for use in industrial premises with small dimensions, crane cabins, diggers, and other technology. Another version is available for explosive environments. The unit is fitted with an automatic thermostat, switch, 1.8 m long cable and is terminated with a schuko plug. Produced according to the standard EN 60335-2; the working position is horizontal. It can be installed as solid, anchored through holes in metal legs, or as mobile. Coverage IP53.

ET-RI-EXTS – Infra-red radiator for outdoor use. Produced from aluminium and fitted with a highly effective lamp. Easy installation, coverage IP 55. Typical applications – hotel sector, terraces, bars, balconies.

ET-AER-PE – Electric heating aggregate with coverage IP 34. Fitted with thermal protection against overheating. The standard version is from steel sheets with RAL-9006 coating. We also offer a whole-stainless version for aggressive environments (e.g. pork farms etc.) and an ET-AER-EX version for gas and dusty, explosive environments (produced according to EN 90079-0/1/7/31 and EN 61241-1). The unit is fitted with a digital panel with adjustable parameters and shows the ambient temperature, switching on/off the ventilator separately from heating, setting the temperature (max. 35°C) and setting the time of heating (1-9 hours).

Use: Heating of industrial premises, farms, buildings