Heaters for explosive environment


In the case of application in an environment with the risk of explosion, the heating element must be built-in into a terminal box with a solid closure (Ex d) according to ČSN EN 60079-1. ;Each new individual device, i.e. terminal box including built-in heating elements, must be approved by a certified testing laboratory (PHYSICAL-TECHNICAL TESTING INSTITUTE s.p.).


Description: Electric air-blow heaters constructed in painted steel plate, screws galvanised and electrical battery under ATEX II 2G Exde IIB T3 according to the 2014/34/UE directive and manufactured under EN 60079-0/1/7/31 and EN 61241-1 norms.
Its installation must be done by care, it must be settle in a soid place and with a support previously calculated to allow the weight of air-blow heater, vertical side and be placed about 50mm (minimum) of the wall so that the operation of the motor is correct.
Equipped with a thermal cut-out 40-220°C and manual reset 150°C.

Uses: To install in gas and dust explosion atmosphere areas, Class I Zone 1/2/21/22 inside -40°/+60° range of temperature.

Note: The new standards for explosive atmosphere fulfillment are the Standards ATEX, that fulfill the requirements of the work parties destined to be used in places in which explosive atmospheres can appear, or requirement of the plants, between which the classification of the areas are included according to the risk which they present.