Heating elements with open wire (ceramic, mica)


According to their design, heating elements with open wire are divided into:

The position of the resistance wire is defined by ceramic or mica beams of various shapes. Electric insulation from the surrounding construction is ensured by these beams and the air gaps created. Heated air is the target heated medium or only a mediator (indirect heating).

Use: Furnaces for high temperatures, calcining, annealing furnaces, industrial steamers, infra heating, indirect heating of liquids, e.g. in galvanic baths, ventilation, heat curtains etc. For applications with high working temperatures (more than 800 ° C), it is often the only solution possible.

Maximum permanent working temperature of the surface of the wire.

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Disadvantages: Lower mechanical resistance to the soiling of load-bearing elements.

Advantages: enables high working temperature, rapidly reaches the target temperature.


Catalogue (.pdf)

Catalogue (.pdf)